Diver Umbilical Excursion Supervisor Checks

As the Diving Supervisor has a legal responsibility ensuring diving operations are carried out safely, a check on maximum umbilical excursion lengths should be made to ensure a level of confidence that these calculations are correct and in line with current legislation and guidelines.

With this in mind Namaka Subsea has created a suite of simplified presentations on how these checks can easily and quickly be carried out by the Diving Supervisor.

The suite of presentations covers both excursion checks for the Diver and Standby Diver either deployed through a DSV moonpool or vessel side and when utilising extended umbilicals with a mid-water tend point.

The first presentation is free to download along with the first set of sketches, allowing supervisors to gain experience in carrying out these checks.

There are another six presentations to cover all scenarios and supported with a spreadsheet to carry out these calculations.

Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Fee: £590+VAT

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