Trainee Offshore Air Diving Supervisor (IMCA Pilot Course)

This course has been developed to take into consideration current methods of surface supplied diving techniques as carried out on a global basis. The coursework is based on current UK HSE legislation and IMCA guidelines. The contents of the course are currently under review by IMCA for approval to allow us to train divers who meet the requirements, as per IMCA D 013 to progress as a trainee Supervisor on our first pilot course.

The contents of the course work covers the usual physiology, anatomy, air Diving techniques, working with and handling oxygen, legislation, current industry guidelines diagnosis and treatment of decompression sickness and basic gas calculations including volatile gases, that is typically carried out on these types of courses.

What is new and relevant in todays market is that there is an emphasis on Nitrox operations and diving from a DSV utilising divers excursions and maximum excursion limits when using extended umbilicals through a mid-water tend point, surface decompression utilising twin DDCs, emergency drills, forged certificates, Management of Change, DP systems, seafastenings, load testing as well as leadership skills.

The course is based over seven days (50 hours) training with twenty homework questions per evening and a course exam on the final day.

Course Duration: 7 Day
Course Fee: TBC

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