During many years carrying out dive system audits across the globe Namaka Subsea discovered that there were some common issues reoccurring the main ones being, wrongly completed certification or missing certification on dive system assets. As a result of these findings we developed a piece of software to help eradicate these issues while still assisting compliance with IMCA guidelines and all of this can be done from one easy to use interface.

DIVECERT is the main software platform for the certification, planned maintenance and asset management system for diving equipment. The software is a combination of Graphical User Interface and Database which includes over 700 equipment task templates, so certifying and maintaining your equipment could not be easier!

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DIVEDESIGN is an expansion pack for DIVECERT designed to manage your IMCA Diving Equipment System Inspection Guidance Notes (DESIGN) documentation at the click of a button. With minimum effort you can create a D023, 24, 37 or 40 document in excel format and automatically hyperlink your asset certification

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DIVEPMS is the integration of generic planned maintenance routines for every piece of diving equipment associated with DIVECERT. When this expansion pack is enabled, the maintenance routines are automatically applied to each task and appear on printed workorders ready for maintenance to be carried out.

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Diving contractors across the globe are logging in on a daily basis, why not find out what DIVECERT can do for you? ...

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