Namaka Subsea is committed to ensuring the highest levels of occupational competence for all persons employed by the company in order to fulfil all activities safely and efficiently whilst ensuring client confidence. This is accomplished by providing each employee with a role specific competence verification assessment, which has been benchmarked against the IOGP and IMCA guidelines.

In order to best undertake the project requirements, each project candidate must complete a functional competency assessment to demonstrate that they have the specific awareness, knowledge and/or skill that relates to their successful performance. As part of this functional competency assessment, Namaka Subsea's functional competency assessment requires the candidate to provide documentary evidence of their certification, training, experience as well as any previous competence assessments. Only when the candidate has successfully completed the competence assessment will they be considered for client projects.


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What our clients say...

My experience working with Namaka Subsea has been top-notch since they’ve started their business. They have really lived up to our expectations every single time and really live up to our needs. Last but not least, they’ve proven to be a reliable company with extensive knowledge of our business.

Diving Asset Manager
Global Diving Contractor
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