Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis...

Namaka Subsea will carry out or review diving system FMECA’s, the purpose of which is to ensure a systematic assessment is carried out on all system equipment and the support vessel interfaces.

This will identify any areas where the system or vessel interfaces may fail due to equipment operational reliability as well as lack of redundancy and critical spares required for safe and efficient operations, with the emphasis on diver safety.

The FMECA shall assess the effects on different failure modes as well as identifying existing mitigation in place and additional mitigation that should be considered to improve safety and efficiency.

The FMECA of certain types of diving systems is now considered a mandatory requirement within the industry and is highlighted within industry standards and guidance. Therefore, it is essentially that a FMECA be carried out on these systems to ensure all failure modes relating to the diving system and subsequent divers safety are considered.

Namaka Subsea have identified the need for experienced FMECA practitioners and can now offer personnel to not only carry out FMECA’s but also review current assessments and provide a gap analysis where required. The FMECA’s will be carried out following diving industry guidance as well as consideration of other industry guidance which may assist with ensuring an in-depth assessment is carried out.